Saturday, December 01, 2012

Wirawati Negara

Suhaidah binti Mahmud/5 Jan 2013/Pagoh
Nina Marianna binti Hazni/5 Jan 2013/Desaru

I hope both of you're doing fine during PLKN. Jangan takut & gementar. In sha Allah kitorang datang jenguk korang nanti ;p Hari first je nangis Haha Hari-hari kemudian nanti biasa ah tu! Lots of love, nanie...

#5TM #Awesome #Party

Pictures of my friends during our class party at amy's house. We're having fun but at the same time this is our last party. For sure I'll miss them & I'm grateful they're part of me. I hope our relationship until heaven. Never and never saying goodbye cause one day we'll meet again. In sha Allah.... My girls, forget me not! Eat Love Pray!


People I won't forget @suhaidahmahmud @ezatulhasanah. Forever love them